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Bone Conduction Series3
http://www.safeswimbuoy.com/custom_130759.html SwimTalk Bone Conduction Swim Teaching Set SwimTalk Bone Conduction Swim Teaching Set SwimTalker Brings Your Teaching UnderwaterThrough bone conduction transmission technology, swimmers can hear the coach's instructions clearly in a noisy circumstance real time, even for athletes with acquired loss or for blind swimmers by using SwimTalker. The comfortable, waterproof receiver easily fits under any swim cap or goggle strap and stays in place. Each swimmer equipped with a headset reveiver can receive individual communications from the coach or can be addressed simultaneously as a team. 
http://www.safeswimbuoy.com/custom_130768.html Bone Conduction BT Headphone Bone Conduction BT Headphone 【Bone Conduction Technology & High-fidelity】As we all know, sound travels faster in solids than air. Aukai GOODENT earphones adopt the advanced bone conduction technology which transmit sound to your auditory center through the skull. Maintain the fidelity of the sound to the greatest extent. 【IPX8 Deep Waterproof & Sea Water proof 】The highest waterproof rating on the market. Aukai GOODENT headphone can work 10m underwater. Can be used for surfing, swimming, diving and any other water sports.  【Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 & 16G built-in memory】The latest bluetooth 5.0 chip bings stronger and faster connection. Supporting a variety of Bluetooth-compatible devices, including smart watch, tablet, iOS or Android devices... With bui-in memory, users can store their favorite music through USB2.0 data transmisson from their mobile devices or computer.  【Safe & Clean Open Ear Design】Earbuds-free enjoying the sound of headphones while being aware of the surrounding dangers. Unlike other in-ear buds, this headphone protects the ear against hearing loss or ear infections. 【Lightweight & Ergonomic Design】Burden free 56g only. The frame is made of titanium alloy, flexible and sleek design. Users will not feel any pain even after prolonged wearing.  【Long battery life & Fast Charging】12 hours uninterrupted talking & music playing. Magnetic fast charging 3 hours. 【Specifications】 Model: H906MB Bluetooth Version:5.0 Speaker: Bone conduction Weight:58g Waterproof Rating: IPX8 Charing Time: 3 hours Capacitance: 400mA 16G memory USB2.0 data transmission Soft case included for storage 【Quality & Certificate】 CE, RoHS certified
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